Mugel in La Ciotat

Since moving to La Ciotat, I’ve found several places that I enjoy visiting to get a bit of excercise and relax. One of those places is the Mugel park.
The Mugel park is a wonderful mix of experiences. It is in fact a botanical garden that has 2 beaches, a calanque, a restaurant, several trails to beautiful landscapes, and more. The botanical garden contains a great diversity of plant species. Being mostly shaded, the sea breeze can soften the heat of summer. Finding the old residences which still stand makes one reflect on the lives of those who were fortunate enough to have once lived there. Climbing above the park to the belvédère, the trail is tiring and those who don’t stop at all are sure to be winded on arrival. Catch your breath and get some pictures of the astonishing views from the top.
After, pick a trail following the waterside and its splendid outcoves. You will find people laid out on cliffs sunning themselves in a magnificent setting. Maybe some locals will be diving from the smaller cliffs. This is both impressive and intimidating. I haven’t brought myself to do it…yet.
The 2 beaches are always packed and to get a good space, you need to arrive early. Even then, expect that you’ll be up against someone. All the more reason to hit the water which is always refreshing. Bring the snorkel. The larger beach has a restaurant and bar that rents lounge chairs if you wish.

It can be as tiring as or as tranquil as one wishes. But its always pleasing, for me at least !

Adam Scott
La Ciotat, France








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